Saturday, 30 November 2013

Karim Rashid Event- Launch party

We had a busy Thursday...lots of food (Brazilian, Canadian, Mexican, Vegan), great drinks (thanks for Vitor's lovely caipirinha) and wonderful people gathered that night to celebrate the arrival of Karim Rashid's new dinnerware!

So far it has been a success! The unique touches created by Karim into the pieces is just inspiring...being able to make something so different yet with fine techniques and shapes is mind blowing!

Thanks to all our clients, friends, partners and media to support this! We love you all!

Check out the pictures of the party:

Brazilian Moringa Globs- created by Karim Rashid

 Shanghai 1930's street- created by Mr. Zhao's School of Art- also highlighted at the party

My great friend Cindy was at the party

Our friends having tons of fun!

Daniela and Annie- Karim's Crystal

Local artist Matt LeBlanc showing his beautiful reclaimed wood work!