Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Even though I am the #belovedCEO of Inglenuk, I still love trick or treat!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Facebook Photo Contest

Hello my dear friends!

First of all, thanks a lot for reading my a small humble CEO of this great humble company, I am thrilled to have had such a nice feedback from our first post yesterday! I really appreciate it!

I actually have a surprise for all of you! And it involves a cool photo contest that my nice colleagues elaborated here...

For those of you who dont know me, I love traveling with my parents and seeing different things allows us to always be amazed by unique things- rather its food, gifts, languages, people, etc...

Based on this lovely theme, we came up with the UNIQUE PHOTO CONTEST.

Its super simple: You like us on Facebook, Fill up the form and enter a photo of something UNIQUE, that you believe is so different from everything you have seen before...again- it can be exquisite objects, fine arts, food, people- we want to cherish the diversity of the world!

On the first week of December, the photo who has more votes, will win a cool 4 bowl set from our friend Dylan Kendall!

To take part of this promotion, just click here

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Looking forward to see them lovely pictures you post there! :)


Monday, 28 October 2013

Modern Cloisonne!

For our first post we are going to talk a little bit about Piling Palang, which we are proud to be the exclusive distributor here in North America.
Piling Palang started in Paris, France and was created by the great designer Bing Bing, originally from China.

Bold enough, he started to work with cloisonne, which is a very peculiar and complicated technique of handcrafting centerpieces...this was very common in the 70's and 80's but normally used to make jeweleries only due to the difficulty of producing large pieces.

Just a brief intro about cloisonné so we know by fact that this is indeed a very delicate and time consuming process:

Cloisonné is the technique of creating designs on metal vessels with colored-glass paste placed within enclosures made of copper or bronze wires, which have been bent or hammered into the desired pattern. Known as cloisons (French for "partitions"), the enclosures generally are either pasted or soldered onto the metal body. The glass paste, or enamel, is colored with metallic oxide and painted into the contained areas of the design. The vessel is usually fired at a relatively low temperature, about 800°C. Enamels commonly shrink after firing, and the process is repeated several times to fill in the designs. Once this process is complete, the surface of the vessel is rubbed until the edges of the cloisons are visible. They are then gilded, often on the edges, in the interior, and on the base.
Now Bing Bing  was able to elaborate beautiful  modern design and incorporated on traditional Chinese shapes, and this is the reason he was so successful...The hotel industry loved him and if was a matter of time that his products would hit the shelves of the best design stores in Europe and Asia.

His "Lantern piece with Sunbird" won an award of BEST MODERN CHINESE DESIGN given by world famous magazine Elle Decor in Paris! Impressive right?

Its amazing how pretty the Sunbird Lantern is- no wonder it won the BEST MODERN CHINESE DESIGN give by ELLE DECOR!

You can actually see the details of the handmade filaments with the enamel finishes.

The choice of colors is also beautifully applied to the piece

Did I tell you that I love it so much?
If you want to follow up, we put some very great links below:

To learn more about Cloisonne, there is a complete article from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Just click here

To learn more about Piling Palang, click here

If you are in USA or Canada and would like to buy them, click here. We also have wholesale opportunities for Shops and Interior Designers...if you are one of those, just click here and follow the easy steps!

Hope you all liked it!