Thursday, 20 February 2014

Home Decor Trends 2014 – What I like

When the year begins all the magazines, being fashion or home décor, bring us what a few selected professionals believe will become trendy in the next season.
At Inglenuk Design we believe that nothing can be cozier than a house we have decorated with our heart and, as far as trends go, we believe in adapting new things that we love to the ones we already have, making our homes the very true history of our lives!
And we are actually glad to see that there is an increasing number of people that want just that – a house that looks like them, that reflects who they are and how they feel. #ElleDecor and #HouseBeautiful are incredible sources for everything décor and we have selected our favorite trends from their 2014 selection!

1. Lose the staged feeling
Designer Christian May ( advocates for color, color and more color instead of the “boring Beige Box” we usually see every year. And we couldn’t agree more with him! Even those who prefer a versatile and neutral theme can play around with color that will give any room more personality and warmth.
2. All shades of blue
Turquoise has seen an increase in popularity in the last year and it will be no different in 2014. Right beside it well also see all shades of blue, from navy blue, as predicted by Mark D. Sikes ( to bright and vibrant shades like peacock blue and cobalt according to Paloma Contreras (

3. Unusual Combinations
Mixed trends, colors, textures, fabrics and materials! Jennifer Beek and Georgie Hambright ( love the look of different metals, woods, fabrics and lots of layers … and so do we!
What do you think?! I would love to hear your thoughts and to see pictures of how you have incorporated your favorite trends into your home!
Originally posted on Daniela Ang's personal blog.